Sunday, May 26, 2013

The beauty of being human

Being human means that we are blessed with free will. We always have choices. Sometimes the boundary between the right and wrong choices is blurred; sometimes it's unclear if there even is a right or wrong choice, but we always have a choice of which action to take. Nobody can make those choices for us, and in the end, we are ultimately responsible for the choices we have made.

When we cease to take responsibility for our own decisions, we give up the autonomy that makes us human and we enslave ourselves to another. Don't give up your power by placing the responsibilities of your choices on someone else. This gives up your freedom to be human. If we don't learn our own lessons, we can never truly be free.

Allowing others to advise and influence our decisions is another matter. Regardless of the advice you seek or the actions of others, the ultimate choice is yours. Not taking action is also a choice, often one that leaves you powerless. Regardless of which choice - or lack of choice - you make, the consequences are yours, whether they be good or bad. You have to own your decisions. If you don't accept responsibility for your mistakes, how can you accept the success of your achievements?

When you hand over your power of choices you give up your soul to mental slavery, and you have nobody else to blame but yourself. 

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