Thursday, July 13, 2017

The road

Some days I feel like I'm walking a long dirt road in the desert.  Ahead of me I see nothing but vast emptiness.  My feet are achy and the sun bears a heavy weight,  as I'm stumbling on the rocks and brush.  Bruising me and leaving scratches and scars. I keep thinking I see my goal,  just to have the mirage disappear right after the relief sets in.  So I begrudgingly keep going.  The only other option is to stop where I am,  just to rot and decay.
I get so parched that some days I'll do anything to quench my thirst,  even if that means drinking poison.
It's a lonely road.  Sometimes I see people in the distance, but I can't reach them.  Sometimes they come close to the road and stay for a while.  But usually not for long,  because after all,  this is a road,  and we are all traveling somewhere.
I should have taken a different road in the past,  one that was easier,  but that's not my destiny. I look for another road sometimes,  but sometimes it feels safer on the road you know.  That other road might be worse.  It could be better,  but that means opening yourself to the possibility that there might be conditions you weren't prepared for.
Changes are risky,  because  you can't possibly be prepared for every possible scenario. But sometimes you hit a detour and you have no choice but to switch gears and find another way. 
There are no maps on this road of life,  so you do what you have to do,  and just hope for the best.  Sometimes you just have to have a change of scenery.  Sometimes by choice but occasionally you're forced onto a different road. 
Keep looking ahead and know that those rough roads won't last forever. You never know what might be coming up around the bend.  You might just find what you've been looking for. Or something better than you could have ever imagined.

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